Making sense of Electro Magnetic Pulses and how they will affect our way of life

GRID EX II Day 2 - GRID EX II Day 2 - GRID EX II Day 2 - GRID EX II Day 2 - 

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Exercise: Important Information

What are the effects of an EMP?

The effects of an EMP on our planet

could potentially wipe out our entire electrical infrastructure

Frank Gaffney explains what an EMP is

Frank Gaffney talks about EMP and

the possible consequences






NCSL Legislative Congress 2013 August 12 - 15

We were there, discussing the issues and challenges around EMP's



What Maine did to shield its grid against EMP


A letter from EMPrimus


F. Michael Maloof writes about looming unprecedented catastrophe


An Electro-Magnetic Pulse, or EMP is a major burst of electromagnetic energy caused by abrupt, rapid acceleration of charged particles. It can be caused naturally by intense solar activity, or by the detonation of a nuclear weapon or by targeted radio frequency weapons. 

This is the definitive resource for information regarding Electro Magnetic Pulses in a clear and accessible way: What are they, what are the chances of them occurring and how will they effect us and what can we do to reduce the damage? 

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Personal stories of survival

Revisiting the after effects of Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy around the US provides chilling insights into our ability to cope with catastrophe. In both cases we fell far short of being able to cope during and afterwards. We met with survivors of Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy.

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